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Workshop Outline:

  • Understand what master data management is and how your existing investments in Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft technology can be leveraged.
  • Discuss the impact of Brexit, data repatriation and GDPR and the challenges as seen by your business.
  • Understand the challenges of compliance with data repatriation and GDPR when Customer data resides in many disparate systems.
  • Learn how to create a single manageable golden Customer record to minimise the touchpoints when addressing data management processes.
  • Understand how to build business process workflows to support governance processes to minimise the cycle time involved in responding to Customer demands.
  • Learn how the business can take control of Customer data quality, resolving inbound GDPR Subject Access Requests and implementing their Right to be Forgotten.
  • See how controlled and managed processes can speed compliance and improve data quality to meet GDPR or migration deadlines.
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June 27, 2018, 10:00 am


Reading, PA

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