Customer Data Upload

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Unless agreed upon in writing, in advance of the submission of any data by you, the customer (“you” or “yours”) to Profisee Group, Inc. or its subsidiaries (“we”, “our” or “us”):

  1. We are not, by default, a data processor or data controller of personal data associated with, as our customer, your business operations.
  2. We have sales, support, and marketing contact information only for the sales and support of our products to you, our customer. The data we maintain in the normal course of business that may be considered personal data applicable under data privacy laws (e.g. under DPA, GDPR, HIPAA) is contact information related to employees and affiliated individuals of your organization for sales, marketing, and support of our products to you – (name, title, address, e-mail, and phone number)
  3. We do not want any private data from your business operations.

Any personal data subject to privacy restrictions (e.g. under DPA, GDPR, HIPAA) is strictly prohibited from being sent or delivered to us without prior written notice that outlines the purpose and timeline for retention and/or destruction of data received by us from you (this notice must include the scope, scale, and nature of data to be provided and what it is to be used for) and the subsequent written acknowledgment and acceptance of your written notice by our authorized representative. Data sent to us for sales, marketing, or support of our products in your business operations must otherwise be anonymized to prevent the transmission of any personal data to us.

By clicking the Upload button, you acknowledge and accept that any data sent to us is with the understanding that it is being transmitted by an authorized individual within the information and data security guidelines and protocols of your organization.