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Optimize CRM Integration

In order to fully leverage the value of customer-related data, that data must be up-to-date, accurate, complete and consistent across all enterprise systems. A CRM system can provide a powerful and highly sophisticated platform for organizing, automating and streamlining the sales and marketing business processes that nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty. But CRM systems are not the only enterprise systems that consume and contribute to customer information, or drive customer interactions. All enterprise systems, along with the CRM system, must draw from the same “master” customer record in order to maintain consistent customer service levels across the organization and maximize the benefit of customer-related processes at every level. This can best be accomplished by using Master Data Maestro’s CRM connectors to link customer-related master entities, and all of their defining attributes, into an integrated master data management (MDM) solution.

Master Data Maestro - MDM Platform

Top 5 Reasons You Need Maestro for CRM Integration

#1 :: Data Quality

CRM implementations often require the combination of data from multiple sources. Ensuring that the data loaded into the CRM system is consistent, accurate and de-duplicated can lower total cost of ownership of the system, and simplify later systems integration, as in the case of mergers and acquisitions. The bigger and more widely distributed the data, the more complex the challenge, and the bigger the value gained in getting a “clean start”. Maestro offers Data Quality features to clean, verify, and validate the data, including capabilities for address correction and standardization. Basic global address validation, completion and geocoding services are provided at no additional fee, with unlimited lookups, no per-record transaction fees, and parallel processing for scalability and performance. With Maestro Premium Data Quality Services, enhanced data services for mail-to locations (suite/apartment data), contact name, email domain, and telephone validation are also available.

# 2 :: Golden Record Management

Maestro’s cleaning, matching, de-duplicating and mastering processes produce an accurate, single view of customer data that can be shared across enterprise systems, applications and users. Maestro Golden Record Management standardizes data elements, implements matching strategies to identify and reconcile duplicate records, and determines a single complete master record – the “Golden Record” – for the matched customer entity. User-defined rules and processes for mastering determine which attributes of matched records from multiple sources will be used to create the Golden Record. Maestro’s harmonization process then takes designated authoritative data values from the Golden Record and propagates those values to other systems that need them, forming a closed-loop process referred to as “survivorship”, that ensures the establishment and persistence of a single, “true” view of the data.

#3 :: Event Management

Based on the harmonization and data sharing rules you have established, Maestro’s event management solutions enable you to keep your customer data in sync across CRM and other enterprise source systems, either on a timed batch basis or in real-time. In order to support real-time integration, Maestro tracks subscribed changes made within either the CRM or Maestro systems, and creates a message in a designated queue for each connected system. The message details the entity changed, type of change, and relevant context. The Maestro queue manager monitors all Maestro system-related queues, and triggers any subscribing process that is listening for that specific message type. Each Maestro CRM Adapter ships with a compatible subscriber to consume messages from any of the Maestro-managed queues.

#4 :: Direct, Codeless System Integration

Key to the rapid implementation and expedited time-to-value of a CRM implementation, the Maestro CRM Adapters provide direct, codeless systems integration, giving users the ability to integrate their CRM instances directly into a Maestro MDM Server for cleaning, de-duplicating and mastering, without the need for a data bus. Since the integration can be performed without coding, companies eliminate the need for lengthy IT projects or expensive consulting services. Systems integrators make a nice living coding integration projects, but coding leads to risks – risks in correct interpretation of requirements, risks of incorrect coding, risks in testing. A codeless integration, on the other hand, allows the user – who is most familiar with functional requirements – to take control and easily change field mappings without the need for any coding whatsoever.

#5 :: Workflow-based Customer Onboarding

Some organizations with multiple CRM and ERP systems have responded to the customer data integration challenge by implementing rigid manual process controls for customer onboarding. It is assumed this rigid approach will ensure that the way data is recorded and entered into the different systems will be the same each time. The truth is, this type of manual onboarding process can be chaotic, hard to track, and prone to error. With a Master Data Maestro implementation, these rigid and ineffective manual process controls can be exchanged for an automated, workflow-oriented approach, with distributed responsibilities, where the right people with the right security and access are prompted to enter the right pieces of information in a timely manner. This workflow-based process not only eliminates information-gathering bottlenecks, it gives managers the ability to track where things are in the process, know who’s doing what and who’s taking too long, and escalate as needed.

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