MDM 101 – Multi-Domain MDM

If you’re considering a master data management (MDM) platform to improve data quality and unify data across your multiple systems, you may have heard of data domains or multidomain MDM.

MDM Experts on Building Trusted Data in Azure: Part 1

In our inaugural “Data After Dark” series — part webinar, part cocktail party — a panel of experienced MDM experts discussed master data management (MDM) from their different viewpoints – a customer implementer, a Microsoft data technologist and an MDM vendor.

Profisee MDM and Machine Learning

Master Data Management and Machine Learning are both data-intensive technologies and can enhance and enable each other. MDM can improve the quality of data used to perform machine learning, reducing data preparation efforts while improving the accuracy of the model through better data. Conversely, Machine Learning can also be used to automate MDM, reducing the burden on administrators and data stewards.

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