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Learn how Ropes & Gray law firm developed a data management application and replaced their manual pricing process.

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Document and Manage Fee Arrangements for Clients
  • There are 6,000 active corporate billing accounts, of which 2,000 have unique billing arrangements including outcomes and fee caps. They were using 3 different manual spreadsheets to propose, approve, and set up the various billing arrangements.
  • Due to account service complexity, some account set up and renewals would take 3 months which meant no billings were collected during the negotiation time.
  • They didn’t have the ability to create a pricing tool for standardized billing arrangements and renewal discussions.
  • They aren’t able to use internal resources to create additional data management applications that is not otherwise owned within core enterprise systems including legal project management and employee management within accounts.


Create Data Management Application for Pricing
  • Develop data management application to replace existing manual pricing process
  • Reduce time to negotiate renewal pricing arrangements
  • Create one repository to manage enterprise data that is other-wise not owned
  • Design ongoing data management strategy for other key reference, employee, and client data


  • Eliminated manual spreadsheet process for documenting and managing alternate fee arrangements.
  • 84% reduction in time taken to renew billing arrangements. Increased customer satisfaction with increased timeliness and predictability of billing fees.
  • Able to roll out four new data management applications for additional enterprise data requirements without the use of IT resources, only data stewards on the data management team.
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