Success at RightShip

Success at RightShip
RightShip helps its customers manage marine risk by identifying and eliminating substandard ships from supply chains.


  • RightShip consolidates maritime data from a variety of data sources but are dependent on the data quality control the providers offer rather than having an in-house system to manage the quality.
  • Loading this data in batches, led to inconsistent product ratings due to the variability of the data received. Ratings were also affected by the weighting of maritime incidents and an inability to customize the information across all data sources.
  • Need a single view of a ship with all pertinent data points included.


  • Select master data management software that works on the Microsoft stack with detailed audit capability as well as Golden Record Management and workflow functionality.
  • Create golden records with automated matching and mastering including a data stewardship business process for approving/resolving match results.
  • Began by updating and de-duplicating data feeds from source providers, creating clean, validated data for use in the Profisee Platform.
  • Use Profisee Accelerator to fast track implementation process and provide training and development plan.


  • Customers have full 360° insight to maritime safety and performance data by ship.
  • Complete audit trail on all components of maritime safety record.
  • Streamlined the data management process by allowing a variety of data sources across the business and the clean, trusted data feeds into the new platform, RightShip Qi.
  • Established a centralized workflow process for managing risk with greater insight to ship safety and leads to consistent product ratings for maritime safety records – you can trust the ratings.
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