Success at Ready Mix USA

Success at Ready Mix USA
See how Ready Mix USA used MDM to fill holes in their reporting and analytics.


  • Need a business AND technology process for managing/maintaining accurate and up-to-date information on customer and product data across numerous locations, divisions and production systems.
  • Transition from manual, labor intensive attempts at data management to analytical driven reporting on clean, trusted data by domain.
  • Need a central repository of aggregated customer, product and location data for use in downstream operational systems and business users.
  • Need a 360° single view of customer pulling together data from across multiple divisions of the company to handle strategic account management, drive upsell and cross sell opportunities and more quickly support growth by acquisition.


  • Select master data management software that works on the Microsoft stack with flexible hierarchy management, Golden Record Management and complex workflow functionality.
  • Engage with Profisee Consulting Partner – 323 Technology Solutions to design, deploy and manage the master data management solution on the Profisee Platform.
  • Design “hub and spoke” architecture to use Profisee Platform as central repository for customers, products, locations, divisions and several other domain lists of data.
  • Create a personalized data stewardship user experience that allows for approving/resolving matching results.


  • Notable savings in marketing campaigns; Ready Mix can now accurately mail the right piece to the right customer without wasting precious marketing dollars on duplicate mailers.
  • Matching engine was able to accurately identify and approve 98% of data automatically, saving significant time on initial deployment. The out-of-the box personalized user experience meant the right business user was reviewing the data quickly for the remaining 2%; allowing master golden records to be created quickly and available for use in downstream systems.
  • With the mastered records, Ready Mix was able to achieve credit status cohesion for a single customer across all divisions of the company. Previously, one division could have a customer on a credit hold, while another division was unknowingly granting additional debt options putting the company at risk.
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