Success at Micron

Success at Micron
Learn about the Micron data journey.


  • Customer identities are duplicated within applications and across multiple systems.
  • Consolidated 360o view of customer is lacking – need to see customer activities rolled up multiple ways to meet the needs of various internal teams.
  • Needed to group customer facts across systems – this group of customer IDs in SAP had these POs plus additional POs through this partner channel which is stored in a separate application.
  • Need to cleanse and correct data – address correction plus phone and email standardization.


  • Create “Golden Records” for customers across SAP, and Model N.
  • Cleanse, de-dupe and sync records including creating ongoing work-flow to maintain accurate information across all business systems.
  • Create flexible hierarchies to roll up for multiple views of customer activity.
  • Design ongoing data management strategy for other key reference, employee, and client data.


  • Created ongoing data management strategy to improve customer analytics such as cross-sell, up-sell and overall customer contribution.
  • Created Customer Golden Records with clean, trusted data.
  • Provide multitude of consolidated customer views to meet the reporting needs of the various internal teams.
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