MDM Strategy – 6 Pillars for Success: Governance

The foundational pillar of an effective MDM strategy is governance. Governance covers a broad swath of efforts, making it somewhat hard to pin down. As a result, many organizations are not sure how to get started with governance and put off introducing it. However, waiting to introduce governance is less than ideal. In fact, it should really be the first thing you do after defining your business problem.

MDM Strategy – 6 Key Roles

Who Needs to Be Involved in Your MDM Strategy? As your organization gets started with MDM, there are numerous questions you need to ask and answer. For instance, you need to determine the business problem you’re trying to solve and how you will measure success in order to build a thoughtful program strategy. There are also several pillars of success you need to cover, such as governance, processes and standards, to name a few, to lay the foundation for a successful program.

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