Partner Spotlight: AIM Consulting

Get to know AIM Consulting, one of our newest partners!

Profisee: Who is AIM Consulting?

Ms. Conley: Founded in 2006 with offices in Seattle, Minneapolis, Denver, Houston, and Chicago, AIM has over 500 consultants working on active projects throughout the US. We are ranked among one of the fastest-growing private companies and one of the best companies to work due to a long track record of success with our partners and consultants. Our flexible engagement model allows them to deliver on expectations, execute on roadmaps, and drive technology initiatives. We specialize in Data & Analytics, Application Development, and improving the Digital and Customer Experience.

Profisee: What does AIM Consulting do that sets your organization apart?

Ms. Conley: We are known for our deep bench experience and powerful network in delivering subject matter expertise with bleeding edge technologies. We offer a strategic approach to consulting project delivery by focusing on laying a solid foundation before ramping up resources. We tailor specific teams, skillsets, and releases to meet each client’s business objectives, leveraging conceptual and technical prototyping to ensure a shared vision that reduces risk. 

Kristina Conley
Director of Data & Analytics @ AIM Consulting
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