Monday, June 26, 2017
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Address Verification Value-Add for Dynamics CRM

Preserve Verification Data, Reduce Service Overhead with Maestro MDM

The Maestro Adapter for Dynamics CRM was specifically created to deliver powerful data stewardship and data quality capabilities to companies deploying Dynamics CRM. There are many benefits to using Master Data Maestro to master customer data for use in Dynamics CRM and other organizational systems. One such benefit helps companies maximize the value of paid address verification services.

The Maestro MDM solution gives you a way to preserve all of the information available from a single call to an address verification service – even if you are not saving all of the information in Dynamics CRM – by allowing you to merge the “extra” data into your master data solution. In this way, you can go back for information you did not originally use, and share it among multiple applications, without incurring the overhead of another call to the address verification service.

For example, when entering a new customer address into Dynamics CRM, your input form may only contain five fields:

Address 1Two Northwinds Center
Address 22520 Northwinds Parkway

If your CRM application directly requests address verification within the context of this form, the application may only be able to save information for the fields entered, for example, correcting the zip code:

Address 1Two Northwinds Center
Address 22520 Northwinds Parkway
Zip30008 30009

But the service may actually offer additional information on the customer, such as…

  • Carrier/routing for mail delivery
  • Geocodes, for demographic or other information within a specific radius
  • Result codes – why was a change returned?
  • Is the address deliverable?
  • What information is missing (e.g., suite number)?
  • Parsed data, such as street name; unit/box number
  • The standard address in addition to the customer’s preferred address format

…information that may be needed by other applications, such as the ERP system or your data warehouse. If you are funneling available results through a limited CRM request, then another call would have to be made to the service – with another charge incurred – to retrieve available information that is needed by other applications and business processes, but was “left on the table” by CRM.

By submitting the address validation request through Maestro, instead, you can retrieve all available information in a single call to the verification service, and make it available to all customer-related applications as needed, through the master data hub. In this way, you get more information, at a lower cost per verification transaction and fewer transactions per customer, and reduce the resource overhead required to develop multiple interfaces for enterprise applications that use the address verification service.


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