Fire Up The MDM Demand Generation Machine

Profisee is committed to enabling our partners with programs that allow for the opportunity to position themselves as a subject matter expert around master data management, broaden the reach of their current marketing programs and drive demand.

To help with this, we are very excited to announce the official release of the Profisee Partner Marketing Tier program!

Let’s take a high-level look into the Profisee partner marketing program:

Partner Marketing Tiers Overview

This marketing program is designed to provide Profisee partners access to premium Profisee content and a growing number of demand generation assets such as eBooks, articles, webinar replays, white papers, landing pages, email templates, banner ads and so forth. Depending on which marketing Tier our Partners choose to participate in, they can then leverage Profisee demand generation assets for co-branding, translate content and run their own campaigns to help build a pipeline of sales opportunities, awareness, consideration, preference and revenue.

Partner Marketing Tiers Breakdown

The Profisee partner marketing marketing tiers are setup in three levels; tier 1, 2 and 3.

Profisee Partner Marketing Tiers

  • Tier 1: All Profisee partners have access to the first Partner Marketing Tier; “Tier 1”.  This tier includes access to Profisee product collateral, case studies and access to the demand generation content library (eBooks, articles, webinar replays, white papers).
  • Tier 2: Tier 2 is a premium partner marketing tier that includes everything in Tier 1 (product collateral, case studies, demand generation content) + access to source files for co-branding and translation across all the Profisee demand generation content library.
  • Tier 3, aka ‘Campaigns in a box’: Tier 3 includes everything in Tier 2 but also includes additional demand generation assets as a part of our ‘Campaigns in a box’ program such as landing page code/copy, email template code/copy and digital banners for advertising and various campaign efforts.

A Note On ‘Campaigns in a box’

“Campaigns in a box’ are a quick win for Profisee partners to easily turn on demand generation efforts for master data management. The options for leveraging our demand generation assets in Tier 3 are endless, but let’s look at two ways our partners can use Tier 3 to help build a pipeline sales opportunities, awareness, consideration, preference and revenue with master data management.

Example 1: Topical Based Marketing, eg Master Data Management


Example 2: Persona Based Marketing; “Troy” the BI/Analytics Director

To Conclude…

Below is a snapshot in time that shows you the pipeline influence of the content we leverage across our own demand generation programs here at Profisee and the key takeaway here is; this stuff works and you can measure it. You’re getting access to a selection of demand generation content that we use to drive results like this.

Finally, as a next step, get access to the tiers! Get going! Fire up your demand generation MDM machine!

Contact your Profisee Partner Account Manager to learn more about the Profisee Partner Marketing Tiers.

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