Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Single View of Data :: Survivorship–Mastering & Harmonization

The combination of mastering and harmonization, under the survivorship umbrella, completes the closed-loop GRM process of cleansing, matching and surviving master data – to deliver the most accurate and reliable golden records possible across your entire enterprise.


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Surviving Master Data with Maestro :: Mastering & Harmonization

Welcome to the Profisee Master Data Maestro showcase. Maestro delivers an accurate and reliable single view of your corporate master data. At Profisee, we refer to this as Golden Record Management, or GRM.

GRM represents a fully integrated system that Cleanses, Matches, Masters and Harmonizes master data. Each process builds upon the others to deliver the most accurate and reliable Golden Records possible.

This video picks up after the matching process has been completed and focuses on the next critical component of GRM: Survivorship. Once your match groups are identified, how do you decide what attribute values define the Golden Records? You need an easy-to-use interface so data stewards can define complex Survivorship Rules. … Rules that must be scalable for large volumes as well as incremental for real-time operational performance.

This is where Survivorship comes in. Survivorship is a logical merging process that encompasses Mastering and Harmonization. This forms a closed-loop system to take data values from designated systems or that meet specified criteria, create a “Golden Record” representing the most accurate and complete values, and propagate those values to other systems that need them.

Mastering is the process of merging disparate records to create the optimal Golden Record. Defined rules, from multiple criteria options determine which attributes of matched records are used to create the "Golden Record". Master records have the autonomy to be a composite record or a superset of data that is broader than any single source system. For example, your CRM may have the best support contact information, while your ERP may have the best ship-to address, but only the MDM Golden Record has both pieces of information merged from the appropriate source systems. Mastering rules must have multi-criteria awareness to determine how attributes should be mastered, and who should win in case of conflict.

Harmonization is the complimentary process of pushing data from a Golden Record back down to source records, in order to update members of a match group where the attribute values do not exist, or are known to be incorrect or inconsistent with the rest of the match group. The ultimate goal of harmonization is to drive the updates of source records with more complete or correct data to their originating systems in real-time for ultimate operational MDM capability. For example, a central corporate ERP instance may hold the authoritative credit hold indicator for customer records which needs to be pushed out to other ERP instances to block new orders. A change in a customer’s zip code may need to be distributed to all related address records across multiple billing systems.

Now let’s take a look and see how easy it is to set this all up. With Maestro, data stewards build and maintain strategies through an easy-to-use interface; once again there is no coding or scripting necessary with Maestro. The key to survivorship lies in grouping the right attribute sets in order to configure and define the survivorship rules. Because the data stewards are familiar with the source material and its context, they can easily point and click to design multi-criteria mastering and harmonization policies.

This combination of mastering and harmonization, under the survivorship umbrella, completes the closed-loop GRM process of: Cleansing, Matching and Surviving Master Data – to deliver the most accurate and reliable Golden Records possible across your entire enterprise.

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