Monday, June 26, 2017
Hierarchy Management with Master Data Maestro

Master Data Maestro extends the Microsoft MDS platform with performance and power for large volume hierarchy management. Optimized for scalability with large volume hierarchies, Maestro hierarchy management provides the fastest data access and most efficient data management for an optimal user experience.


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Hierarchy Management :: Enforcing Entity Structure & Attribute Relationships

Welcome to the Profisee Master Data Maestro showcase. The Maestro suite extends the Microsoft MDS platform in a multitude of ways -- from productivity-boosting functions for data modelers, to data quality capabilities such as real-time matching and mastering. This video will focus on Maestro's Hierarchy Management capabilities.

A hierarchy, simply put, organizes your master data into logical groups. Maestro's easy-to-use wizards guide you through creating two advanced and two basic types of Hierarchies. The first basic type is a derived Hierarchy. Let’s take a look. Derived hierarchies are defined by attribute relationships between entities. They are automatically maintained by attribute assignments and enforce a level-based structure; making them preferred and recommended for multiple hierarchies whenever possible.

Another benefit of derived hierarchies is their ability to filter an entity.  You can combine multiple hierarchies, in this case Product Group, Style and Color – to identify a subset of Master data for mass changes. The other basic hierarchy type is an Explicit hierarchy. They are explicitly defined and managed by the data steward, requiring manual mapping of each master data member to the appropriate hierarchy node. They have a ragged structure and provide maximum flexibility. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to manage and maintain data in a Maestro Hierarchy.

For example a Wild Card search allows you to quickly find members; right click options will identify their placement in the hierarchy and by dragging and dropping or using the clipboard – correct, or reassign their placement in the hierarchy. Maestro is optimized for scalability with large volume hierarchies. For example, when managing the structure of a hierarchy, customize the number of displayed Master Data Members to suit your purposes. Maestro Hierarchy Management provides the fastest data access and most efficient data management for an optimal user experience.

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