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Profisee Releases Dynamics CRM Adapter for Master Data Maestro

Provides ability to link customer-related master entities from CRM into MDM

ATLANTA, GA—October 1, 2013— Profisee, a master data management and data quality software company, is pleased to announce the general availability of the Dynamics CRM Adapter for Master Data Maestro.

The Maestro Adapter for Dynamics CRM was specifically created to deliver data stewardship and data quality capabilities to customers deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and to support the rapid transfer of data from Dynamics CRM into the Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services (MDS) platform. With all layers of the solution using the Windows Communication Framework and SQL Server, Maestro enables companies to leverage existing investments and skill sets within the Microsoft technologies stack to fully integrate master data management capabilities with Dynamics CRM implementations.

A primary challenge of initial CRM implementations is ensuring that the data loaded into the system from multiple sources (e.g., prior customer management applications, home-grown applications, sales members’ contact lists) is consistent, accurate and de-duplicated. The Maestro Dynamics CRM Adapter allows organizations to quickly accumulate the superset of customer data from all sources, cleanse and standardize addresses and phone numbers, and master those records into a set of unique and clean accounts and contacts to load into the Dynamics CRM system. Maestro further ensures that data consistency beyond the initial implementation, as ERP systems, help-desk systems, order processing systems and others consume and contribute to customer information or drive customer interactions on an ongoing basis.

“Dynamics CRM is designed to support outward-facing sales and marketing related processes; as a result, it is good at storing information specifically related to sales and marketing interactions,” says Profisee CEO Ian Ahern. “It is not designed to solve the problems that arise from duplicate, inconsistent customer records within a single instance of Dynamics CRM, much less to ensure data quality and consistency across other enterprise systems that use customer data for operational interactions. That is why we created the Dynamics CRM Adapter – to add full master data management capabilities to the CRM solution.”

The Adapter gives users access to Maestro Data Quality and Golden Record Management capabilities. Maestro Data Quality provides address validation features for locations across 83 countries on six continents. Address validation serves to remove “noise” and standardize the data elements in customer records from a variety of source systems, so that effective strategies for matching these customer records can be developed to facilitate de-duplication. User-defined survivorship rules and processes determine which attributes of matched records from multiple sources will be used to create a single complete master record – the “Golden Record” – for the matched customer. Harmonization rules are used to define the complimentary process of pushing data from a Golden Record back out to source system records, in either batch or real-time modes, providing ultimate operational MDM capability.

According to Profisee CTO Val Lovicz, “The combination of mastering and harmonization, under the survivorship umbrella, forms a closed-loop process to take data values from designated authoritative systems and propagate those values to other systems that need them. This empowers different groups of people working on various systems across the organization, each with different processes, to focus on their specific functions and roles, with confidence that their efforts are informed by, and further informing, clean, consistent customer master data.”

The Maestro Adapter for Dynamics CRM ships with a pre-built, customizable model for the main entities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 11. The initial model provides everything needed to quickly manage CRM data out of the box, including :

  • Address Cleansing Strategies for Account, Contact, Site and Competitor
  • Matching Strategies for Account, Contact and Competitor
  • Integration maps for Account, Contact, Site, Competitor, Campaign and Product information into and out of the CRM system

About Profisee

Profisee is a master data management software company focused on delivering enterprise-grade MDM capabilities through its Master Data Maestro software suite. Formed from the management team of Stratature, the MDM software provider acquired by Microsoft in 2007, Profisee has a worldwide reputation for master data management and competence with Microsoft MDS. For more information about Profisee’s solutions, please visit

Media Contact:

John Leavitt
VP Marketing, Profisee


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