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Profisee Releases Master Data Maestro Version 2.0

Data Stewardship and Data Quality Delivered to the Microsoft Master Data Services Platform

ATLANTA, GA — June 1, 2011 — Profisee (, a master data management (MDM) software company that specializes on the Microsoft Master Data Services platform, is pleased to announce the latest release of the Master Data Maestro suite. Master Data Maestro Version 2.0 is the only data stewardship and data quality software designed specifically for MDM and Microsoft Master Data Services.

Master Data Maestro Version 2.0 comprises of Maestro Desktop and Maestro Server. The latest version of Maestro Desktop solidifies Profisee’s lead in the specialized data stewardship marketplace and continues to increase the performance and usability advantage customers of Microsoft MDS (MDS) receive when using Master Data Maestro. Maestro Server delivers on direct requests from MDS customers around the world; namely, matching, merging and de-duplication capabilities integrated into their MDS models.

Val Lovicz, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of R&D, indicates the theme of the latest release, “Version 2.0 is designed to aggressively extend the MDS platform for customers tackling Customer models and other models associated with supply chain entities such as Supplier, Partner, Store Locations, Branch Locations, etc. A common thread to our discussions with Microsoft and MDS customers was the need for integrated data quality and matching services, specifically for customer data integration (CDI) and customer hierarchy management applications, such as house-holding analysis, cross-selling opportunity identification, and global customer profitability reporting. So essentially, this release has focused on delivering Maestro Server with all the matching, de-duplication, mastering, and harmonization services needed for any enterprise-grade master data application.”

Ian Ahern, Chief Executive Officer, comments on the matching engine, “Realizing that the ideal and quickest to market solution would be to partner with a leading expert in the MDM and matching marketplace, we spent over a year conducting due-diligence with a variety of software and services companies specialized in this area. Surprisingly, we determined a lot of the matching technology was quite dated and either operated in a stand-alone desktop environment, or required enterprise datasets to be physically divided into, what we considered, very small subsets to process manageably. Furthermore, many cases required the proverbial rocket scientist to configure, run and operate the matching technology. The disconnect between the solutions in the marketplace and our vision for an integrated MDM and data quality offering ultimately proved to be a blessing in disguise. We set out to develop an unparalleled matching engine, purpose-built to deliver data quality within the master data management context.”

The underlying power of Maestro Server V2.0 resides in a unique matching engine that was developed in-house by Profisee; notable improvements over what we encountered in the marketplace include:

  • Enterprise scalability: Enterprise-grade MDM solutions must cope with millions of records in a single matching operation. Requirements to partition data into smaller subsets for matching inherently defeat the value of matching across enterprise data models. Maestro Server has been benchmarked for millions of customer records in a single matching strategy and operation.
  • Linear performance: Performance and scalability of most matching algorithms tend to go hand-in-hand, exhibiting close to exponential increases in memory, processor and processing time requirements as the record set increases in size. Maestro Server delivers near to linear performance in terms of memory and processor use and performance times even as the record set being matched scales in orders of magnitude.
  • Integration with MDS: Without full integration with the MDS platform, generic matching tools perform as a stand-alone pipe cleaner; effectively dirty data goes into the pipe, gets cleaned and then is dumped out the other side as yet another homeless silo of data. Without leveraging the MDS platform, this approach ignores critical components of the MDS platform, such as business rules, validation alerts, security models and data structures and relationships. Maestro Server is purpose-built to improve the quality of data within the MDS platform, for both initial data cleansing, and for all future, incremental update processing.
  • Intuitive usability: One of the most important requirements for Maestro Server was end-user ease-of-use. After evaluating so many tools that behaved like develop environments requiring specialized coding and scripting skills, we went to great lengths to ensure that the Maestro matching experience could be fully embraced by non-technical end-users, from strategy configuration and processing, to result set navigation and analysis.

Another exciting development in Maestro Server is the inclusion of Maestro Address Services—global address validation, completion and geocoding services. Profisee has partnered with Microsoft Bing Maps, leveraging their relationship with NAVTEQ, one of the world’s recognized leaders in digital mapping and related services. Currently NAVTEQ supports some 83 countries on 6 continents.

Lovicz explains the concept behind Maestro Address Services, “Many services are offered on the web for address, census, postal, and industry specific information. But without a doubt, the most requested third party data verification services are around addresses. Customer address validation remains the most common application of Maestro Address Services; however, we are seeing many customers extend their use when entities such as Suppliers, Partners, Employees, and Locations have address and geocoding data used in multiple contexts.“

Much like the approach taken with the Maestro matching engine, it was imperative that address verification, completion and standardization was delivered as an inherent part of any MDS model, and that any user (security permitting) could intuitively verify an address, from the active Maestro screen, and immediately be able to determine the accuracy of the address or the need for correction—all without programming or integration skill sets. As delivered, any end-user of Microsoft MDS and Maestro can take any MDS model and quickly and easily leverage Maestro Address Services.”

In addition to these very important services, Master Data Maestro V2.0 has included literally hundreds of customer-driven enhancements into Maestro Desktop and Server. Importantly the Maestro Server will be used as the foundation for many operational MDM capabilities delivered in the coming year to extend the Microsoft MDS reach into enterprise-grade operational MDM.

About Profisee

Profisee is a master data management software company focused on delivering enterprise-grade MDM capabilities through its Master Data Maestro software suite.

Profisee was formed from the management team of Stratature, the leading MDM software provider acquired by Microsoft in 2007, and is one of only four software vendors worldwide participating in the Microsoft MDS ISV (independent software vendor) program. With a strong heritage in Microsoft MDS and a wide breadth including leadership from Microsoft, business intelligence and enterprise software firms, Profisee is uniquely positioned to help customers build a solid foundation and successful path to reach their master data management goals.


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