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Profisee Announces Availability of MDM Vendor Assessment from The Information Difference

Master Data Maestro™ “offers credible breadth compared to products many times its cost”

ATLANTA, GA—March 26, 2014— Profisee, a master data management and data quality software company, announces the availability of The Information Difference’s Vendor Positioning Report on Profisee’s Master Data Maestro version 3.5, due for GA release in April. The Information Difference has been tracking the Master Data Management (MDM) market since 2007. To inform their thorough analysis of the market, they perform in-depth functional product analyses, assessing MDM technology based on 200 relevant functional checkpoints.

In their report on Profisee’s solution, The Information Difference reports that Maestro “offers credible breadth compared to products many times its cost,” and concludes that it “should be extremely attractive to Microsoft® users,” noting that Maestro runs on top of Microsoft’s Master Data Services (MDS) platform, which is included in the license for SQL Server®, Enterprise Edition or higher.

Notably, The Information Difference ranks Master Data Maestro best-in-class for matching accuracy and data enrichment.

“Profisee determined at the start of its product roadmap that the world needed a reliable golden record management solution that offered state-of-the-art matching designed for all master data domains,” says Profisee CTO Val Lovicz. “Further, we recognized the inevitable need for business users who are responsible for specific data domains to be able to interact directly with the matching data and processes. Focusing R&D with as much emphasis on research as on development over the last few years, we determined that the best solution is a single integrated Master Data Repository with automated matching and mastering; zero-development, out-of-the-box user experiences, including stewardship, mastering wizards, and quality wizards; and alternative manual lookups and matching capabilities for when automated matching strategies do not work. The Information Difference report validates our approach through its ranking of Maestro’s matching engine as best-in-class.”

According to Profisee CEO Ian Ahern, “Matching is major driver of ROI (return on investment) for MDM implementations. Because the user experience is critical to the success of any matching/mastering strategy, the accuracy of the Maestro matching engine – “getting it right” on the first try more of the time – saves time and cost on the user side of the equation, driving a higher return on the MDM investment, and delivering faster time-to-value.”

In addition to matching, Maestro led the field with its API for data retrieval/update, as well as CRUD (create, retrieve, update and delete) functionality and master data storage scope. Maestro was also ranked above average on key aspects of data quality, such as merging and survivorship, data cleansing, and data type and format validation; as well as on the provision of external data exchange and data models, hierarchy management and reporting.

The report concludes, “In terms of value for money [Maestro] rates very highly indeed, and should be of real interest to companies where Microsoft is a preferred vendor as Maestro extends the functionality of Microsoft's MDS product and makes it much easier to use.”

About Profisee

Profisee is a master data management software company focused on delivering enterprise-grade MDM capabilities through its Master Data Maestro software suite. As a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner, Profisee has a worldwide reputation for Master Data Management expertise and competence with Microsoft Master Data Services. For more information about Profisee’s solutions, please visit

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Debra Robic
Director, Marketing Communications, Profisee


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